gronmaster's chaotic chat

gronmaster's chaotic chat
I would like to thank chaotic insider for the pic.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello today is going to be the day I post my first chaotic card of the week. And I was going to pick Vlar but i read a review on this guy and i found out he is AWESOME!!!! And thus I would like present Makrabon! Now I got this new card from alliance's unravelled. It's called inner flood(in case you don't now inner flood takes a mugic counter and put's it on another creature) I made a ten on ten deck with him and it was awesome!!! Anyway I'm just rambling now....................Ah now I remember! What I do is I use inner flood as soon as I draw it to give Makrabon a counter AND infect someone!!! so then you can activate hive and ALL of my creatures on the front line have a hive healing ability my deck has twelve mugic in total. That's twelve infection's max!!!!!! well that's it for today I'm me and you know who you are ..........hopefully....... for Gromaster's chaotic chat I'm Gronmaster!

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