gronmaster's chaotic chat

gronmaster's chaotic chat
I would like to thank chaotic insider for the pic.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chothacan chronicles chapter one awakening.

As heptad walked towards his room he felt something strange. the cothica energy inside him was swelling!! The energy started to burn!! "AAAHHH THE PAIN" Screamed heptad! Then as the energy began to disapate and leave his body it became a glowing orb that then flew away. then as heptad looked out his window he could see the orb begin to grow and strange creatures flew out. They looked as though they had all absorbed some of the cothica energy.

(Deep in the underworld ) "ZALLAX" yelled Chaor. "What is it Chaor? " asked Zallax "Acording to this message the danians have breached the first gate!!"Chaor said rather angrily. "I know Chaor my troop's are doing all they can!!"Zallax replied. "well if you cant hold of the danians I'm going to give your rank as general to Galmedar!!" Then as the argument ended Zallax began to glow and slowly vanish.

(then in the city of m'ar"But Mok'adyn you and the other fluid morphers need to support me and Ka'zier. This war is not going to end anytime soon and we both know that the m'arrillions are not going to win the war now that Au'ne is dead!!" "Yes Aka'ma I know that the war is not going to end anytime soon but the chiefton's have been making allot of progress." Then as Aka'ma was about to argue some more he began to glow and fade at the same time.

end of chapter one.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi! After reading a comic on danian hall I think I might start using my blog to make comic's! So my comic's are going to be about a tribe I made up called the cothacans they are going to be a tribe of creatures that have been chosen by the spirit of the cothica to defend it! now here is a main creature role call
Akama leader of the cothacans. ex m'arrillian chieftan.

Zallax cothacan general. ex underworld taskmaster.

saevaer cothacan battlegear smith. ex mipedian elite

that's all folks!.... duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in awhile don't have good enough new card's to post. Going to by a new pack and hope :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was very busy. So onto the card. I really love this card even though it is underworld ;) So here it is Chaotic Trading Card Game Forged Unity Single Card Uncommon #79 Denying Dirge Now think of it like this they have a Karaba and they are going to heal them selves you cast this they can't. Overworld deck's almost always lose the battle! I am a big overworld player. And I am running an overworld healing deck this would KILL my deck!
Well that's it for today

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Combo of the week !

This is going to be my first weekend post kewl! So as you may have noticed I am going to post the combo of the week. so now for the combo! It's Clodor and Hifdan. Now I know you have probably heard of this before but I really like them. But they don't work well together. So I would like to show you the third wheel! it's aichlyys wisp . here is a picture anyway. Chaotic Trading Card Game Forged Unity Single Card Common #65 Aichlyys Wisp

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello today is going to be the day I post my first chaotic card of the week. And I was going to pick Vlar but i read a review on this guy and i found out he is AWESOME!!!! And thus I would like present Makrabon! Now I got this new card from alliance's unravelled. It's called inner flood(in case you don't now inner flood takes a mugic counter and put's it on another creature) I made a ten on ten deck with him and it was awesome!!! Anyway I'm just rambling now....................Ah now I remember! What I do is I use inner flood as soon as I draw it to give Makrabon a counter AND infect someone!!! so then you can activate hive and ALL of my creatures on the front line have a hive healing ability my deck has twelve mugic in total. That's twelve infection's max!!!!!! well that's it for today I'm me and you know who you are ..........hopefully....... for Gromaster's chaotic chat I'm Gronmaster!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello internet I was going to post one of my friend's deck's today but he wasn't able to get it to me. So instead i am going to post my deck. It's not to good so if you can find some way to make it better please tell me!

1:Attacat tactical aide/sandstorm shroud
2:Gronmor/sandstorm shroud
3:Vlar/ozlia's wreck
4:Garv/vail of liquid thought
5:Lystone/mipedian balladeer's flute
6:karraba/mipedian balladeer's flute


earth pulse#1
fluid flame#1
vapor wipeout#1
aftermath feint#1
ice disks#2
supercooled rain#1
directed bravery#1

overworld embassy at mipedim oasis#1
pouril forest#1
the hive gallery#1
lake blakeer#1
graalorn forest#1
vidav's refectorium#2
rao'pa sahkk#2
the ocean with no water
the swartbron#1


empowering serenade#2
echoes of empty hands#1
harmonious highsong#1
battlesong of renewal#1
prelude of protection#1
harmonics of water#1
anthem of stone#1
minion's freesong#1
song of elemental attunement#1
intress' healing ballad#1
casters' warsong#1
prelude to dominance#2
surprising riffs#1

I have used this deck before and it PWND!!!!!!

so why don't you rate it love it hate it preferably the first option :)