gronmaster's chaotic chat

gronmaster's chaotic chat
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chothacan chronicles chapter one awakening.

As heptad walked towards his room he felt something strange. the cothica energy inside him was swelling!! The energy started to burn!! "AAAHHH THE PAIN" Screamed heptad! Then as the energy began to disapate and leave his body it became a glowing orb that then flew away. then as heptad looked out his window he could see the orb begin to grow and strange creatures flew out. They looked as though they had all absorbed some of the cothica energy.

(Deep in the underworld ) "ZALLAX" yelled Chaor. "What is it Chaor? " asked Zallax "Acording to this message the danians have breached the first gate!!"Chaor said rather angrily. "I know Chaor my troop's are doing all they can!!"Zallax replied. "well if you cant hold of the danians I'm going to give your rank as general to Galmedar!!" Then as the argument ended Zallax began to glow and slowly vanish.

(then in the city of m'ar"But Mok'adyn you and the other fluid morphers need to support me and Ka'zier. This war is not going to end anytime soon and we both know that the m'arrillions are not going to win the war now that Au'ne is dead!!" "Yes Aka'ma I know that the war is not going to end anytime soon but the chiefton's have been making allot of progress." Then as Aka'ma was about to argue some more he began to glow and fade at the same time.

end of chapter one.