gronmaster's chaotic chat

gronmaster's chaotic chat
I would like to thank chaotic insider for the pic.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello internet this is my first post so i am just going to post my favourite card! GRONMOR now for his stats courage: 80 power:60 wisdom:90 speed:60 I LOVE gronmor! i mean at least 60 in every stat. with his effect he is perfect for any discipline based deck! now i think before i sign off i should show you my favourite chieftain i would like to present ritzu'dag courage:40 power:45 wisdom:45 speed:55
now before you think he isn't as good as i said read closely you see it says at the beginning of combat so every combat! now if that's not great i don't now what is!
so to end this post this is gronmaster!

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